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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 &p3 ,3 he collected thousands of behind barsá... all n your pime.but this morning, there are new developments in a story we bbokk first on fox.
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mclaughin.megan gillllann is liveefrom he state penitentiary riihttnow wherr &phe was collecting this cash. back?good morning patricee we'vv learned mclaughlin, won't pay back all the money he got away with.he spent almost a year behind these cell walls... for sexually assaulting a 13 - prison sentence, the ffrmer utilitt repairman, remained on the city's payroll.he claimed he collected nearly 13- thousand of dollars in city expense.a investigation jump started by our repprts... and the bollness of a (lisa) "cause his mom said he had hernia operation."(lisa) books he would ave you know, &pbeen getting paid during ttat once again, is that he was
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never in he hospital, h was i" iicarerated.."mclaughlii was fired... and sued bb the cityy but the settllment... will dollars, that's less than one third of the money... that from the ccty... at your expense. the mayor now requires ity empllyees to nntify theii agency withhn 24 hours of any criminal arrest. live in east baltimore, megan gglliland, fox 45 morninggnews. she as an ambitious 23-year- old... abouu to atteed towson university...until she was ssabbed to death and umped in almost six years aag.happened - by chiidden back in 2005.eeed - liitle is known about hat happened between theettme mcdonalds... and the timm her body was found.smith'' death has meent hundreds of sleepless nights for her mother.. theresa wooden. p3 "it's been pure hell, there'ss
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not a time i don't think about her""that's all we want to do is have ome closuue because tionna s resting in peace, a yyung lady that was so phlp anyone, why?!" why?!" baltiioree ounty pollce want your help. if you murder of tiona smith call the homicide number...that's 410- fox45 if helping you step up and ight back with a new tool... called "spotcrime."you pour neighborrood ....and get pmaill whee crimee happen.go click n pot crime in hot topics at tteetop of the scrren. &pd-c policceheighten patrols the "metropolitan branch" &ptrail... after thh fourth attack... in juut 30 days..te llst wednesday... when two men - tried to rob a biker... using a tazer.residents there are growing uneasy about the
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"there's a lot of places that no way to contact pooice if you have good cell service and stuff like that." that."troubled spots are betteennnew york and rhode island aaenue. a growing concern mong willllff officials... after n estimated 1100thousand dead fish washed ashorr... on maryland and delaware beaches. the maryland eeartment of the environment says many of the menhaden were missing heads... and appeared to have been dead ffrrabout a week.water quality doesn't seee to beethe issue. the departtent s nnw ooking to find a cause. the source of an e-coli outbreak in germany remains a mysterr this morning.tths comes after tests could not &pdefinitively prove that thh bacteria behind the deadliist e-coli outbreak in hissory... ccme from bean sprout farm in northern germmny.theebban sproots were suspected of causing the outbreak after sciennists found that mosstof visited thh area.moreetesting - will be done on the sprouts
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phough.. and thee arm is still being invessigated.mooeethan two thousann people have gotten sickkin the last feww a nee business .. the first of itsskind on the east coast ... is now open in the seton hhll neighbbrhood. tte staff there hopes you neeer have to come in.... but if you do ever need this children's ospice..... they'll be reaay. joel dd.smith is live &pat "dr. bob's place". good morniig joel d. 3 good morningg atrice, (ad lib)
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3 33 3 p,3 this is a leeson a ssudent won't soon forget...a florida high school teacher wonnt face charges ... even thhugh she punched a student.sandra hadsook was caught oo a a figgt with a boy... who she says called her a vulgar name. the video aapears to show her striking he studenttfirst.she
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was aarested and placed on &pinnefinite leavv. but... prosecutorr can't dettrmine whhthhr she hit the student in self defense. a utah man is charged with disorderly conduct...but what didd e do? medical bbll all in pennies. so... n aanot so sublte form of protest....he tried to pay huudree pennies oo the counter ittthe clinic sttff got upset - got isssed a citation.... ann a ine.for 140 bucks. cominn up on the early history... d - day...ivotal day...i waa never so happy about dding a job in my life... ...until i hit the ground ground we talk o a soldierr ho survived to tell this incredible stooy of bravery... 67 years ago...
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3 coming up... it's a day... few are aroundd &pto tell about..ddday..we sit down with soldier who next ((break 2))
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3 67 years ago ... d -- day... the beginning oo forces ed by americans ed -
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invadedd azi-occupied france. young americaas were dying in beachhs of normandy..and the fields of northernn rance.this morning's cover ssory jeff barnd recalls d-day throuuh the eyes of an area man... who lived to telllabout 19--4. "ooe horriiic year"... 33ar""...- 3 3 3 3 &p3 earl kelly's worrd war 2 rmy uniform still fits his numerous medals still asspoliihed as the day he was awarddd hem. sergeant servee in thee infamoos 101sttairborne company i... soldiers to paraahute into 6th 944... d une end oo a ttrants monsterious http://www.youtub e.ccmmwwtthhvveehhx
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xsss33yy//rr>>)) and the beginninn of a life changiiggseason for thhs 22 year old mmryland boy. boy.. somewwere just after 1:53 &p in:'i was never so happy" out;"for 3themselves" themselves" e.ccmmmwtthhvvpp99aa zzeeii//rr>> 1:23--1:31 inn"i hhve full &confi " victooy" somewhere justtafter 6:23 in;"thee called me out: of llving" 3 living" the 101st airborne suffered 2 phousand five hundred caulsities on -day... many of them, kelly's friendd beffre... it was different time... when a diiided ameriic came ogether... nd every
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american dii their part to fight in this epic warr too many would paid the prrie. &pprice.somewhere after 58 in;"tte days and weeks we did ppeparing for d-day... wee talkkd about home... wwndered &pit wws comraderre"it.3 comraderie" earl's berdeen home that in carries with it... thousands of ascinatinn stories from phe paaes of --s history... heemett from company i... - memorabilia from a year of brutal campaiggs that to earl... happeeed only yesteeday. yesterday... many things"out;"get it out of yyur mind" mind"somewhere after 4:35 in;"my missionnout::is just
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ptayinggalive" after d-day, earl keely parachuted into nazi occupied h. hhllann... om//aacc??==22www w111rr&&llyyeett11llss= &p=lllee002255333f88ff///rr :56--1:01in;"hundreds f paraccutistssdiedoperation ":market garden"...out: (nazis firing in air) 3p operation "market gardenn crushed the nnzi war machine. then... just before chrrstmas of '44, the battleeof the http://www.youtuue.c 3 3&last major german offensive i the war. war. somewweee afteer100:4 in;"cold cold cold" cold" in:" if he wws there" out;"he was a dead german" german" 3 3 april 1945... the 101st liberates theelandsberg concentration camp in germany... all the caanage wittessed by kelly in 1944, couldnnt possibly ppepare him for this... http://www.youttbe.c om//aacc??==uu9996yyjj
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his laughs, hhs orrors... his demons... are all here. nearry everyone in company i issgooe now. possibly 2 or 3 are leet. earl's son peter and daughter millieeare now in charge of steadfastly maintaining their father's legac pegacy 3 this is earl's sancuary, again. sharing the haunting sounds and smells of of bbothers.. tt eaal, his mates whoodied in tte distant battlefields in euuope are the true heroes... to teel their story. sttry. 3 p3 3 poming pp...
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p.. coming up ... coming up ... ... i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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p'clock hour... coffee can pake you hear things that to new reseerch..
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